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Redcord is a revolutionary Norwegian system of ropes. It allows you to do very specific and efficient exercises, very widely adaptable to your needs from very easy to extremely difficult.

Identification of weak links, tailored treatment and training programs
In the first stage we identify weak links: inactive muscles and weaknesses in the core muscles or the muscle interaction. Even top trained athletes may have weak links, which can occur when stabilizer muscles switch off due to pain, strain, fatigue or inactivity. Individual treatment and/or training program are then developed based on the indentified weak links. The program consists of controlled, pain free exercises in slings. The goal is to improve the interaction between the brain, receptors and muscles. This treatment is called Neurac (Neuromuscular Activation). The training aims to activate the ”sleeping” muscles, restore the function, build up strength and prevent relapses. 

Pain free exercises and extraordinary results 
Exercises in Redcord are pain free and aim to help anyone who wishes to enhance his/her strength, balance and function. The training has proved to be an efficient way to improve coordination and athletic performance, prevent injury and to treat musculoskeletal disorders.  Redcord can show extraordinary results for elite athletes and patients suffering from both chronic and acute pain, as well as a decrease in sick leave for companies that use Redcord on their premises. 

Tailored training ensures long term results
Redcord looks at the big picture and treats the cause, not the symptom. Redcord is easy to install at home so that pain relief and long term results can be ensured by home training.



Different systems

1: combination treatment and training

2: stability training

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